Sea Island Blue Grits

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The most exciting food trend in this country over the past decade is the resurgence of heirloom grain and vegetable varietals that fell out of favor as agriculture became commoditized. The Johnsmans are dedicated to preserving these food traditions on their Edisto Island farm in South Carolina, capturing a piece of Southern history for generations to come. Using historic antique mills, they turn heirloom corn grown on the Geechie Boy farm into grits, flour and cornmeal, preserving the natural oils and flavor of the corn. These are the best grits we could find, and we’re not the only ones to take note—the Johnsmans now ship their products to some of the best restaurants in the country. Their passion for the land and their products is unparalleled.

These unique grits are made with blue corn that is coarsely ground to preserve its flavor and the color of the sea islands.