Double-Barrel Aged Fish Sauce

$ 38.00

If you’re disappointed by the Asian dishes you make at home, I’m guessing the culprit is the quality of the prepared ingredients like soy sauce, fish sauce and hoisin. There’s nothing worse than finishing a dish with a tablespoon of cheap fish sauce—it’s too strong and doesn’t have the nuanced flavor that can take a dish from good to great. Red Boat’s all-natural, first press Vietnamese fish sauce is made with black anchovies, without preservatives or MSG. Their conventional fish sauce is great, but this double barrel-aged Chef’s Cuvet is without doubt one of the most fantastic fish sauces available. It’s rich, it’s earthy and it doesn’t assault you with overwhelming saltiness. Use it to make a classic fish sauce caramel for striped bass or a banh mi sandwich. You can also finish your vegetables with butter, brown sugar and a drizzle of fish sauce for the greatest way to jazz up steamed broccoli I can think of.

  • Double Barrel Aged
  • 24 oz.