White Tepary Beans

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One of North America’s oldest agricultural crops, the drought-tolerant tepary bean can be traced back to the ancient Huhukam people who inhabited and farmed the arid lands of the Sonoran desert. The beans were on a path to extinction when Ramona Button and her husband made it their mission to bring the crop back to their Arizona community in the late 1970s, using seeds and farming methods passed down from her father. Today, Ramona Farms has grown from a 10-acre family plot to a large-scale operation, specializing in indigenous crops and traditional strains of corn, gourds, beans and wheat. The small tepary beans are one of the healthiest and most flavorful beans on the planet, loaded with protein and fiber. Enjoy the beans in soups and stews, tossed with herbs and dressing for a hearty salad, or blended as bean “hummus.”