Adobo Flavored Grasshoppers

$ 30.00

Two billion people in 80 percent of the world’s countries eat insects as a part of their daily diet, so what are you waiting for? Grasshoppers are high in protein, low in fat, rich in minerals, and absolutely delicious. They’re one of the most popular insects eaten across the globe, and for good reason. I love roasted chapulines, a staple of the Oaxaca valleys. They're my idea of the ultimate bar snack. Perfectly seasoned with salt, lime and chiles, try these chapulines on nachos, in tacos or on Oaxaca-style tlayudas. They add a nice crunch to guacamole, or put them on your next salad instead of croutons. Give them a try and I guarantee you’ll be hooked. 

  • 2.8 oz