Rio Zape Bean

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Beans are the healthiest and most nutritional protein option on earth. Communities around the world that eat a lot of beans, legumes and farinaceous foods live longer and happier than the rest of us. I’d suggest you let a pot of beans be the centerpiece of a meal once a week—your food life will shift for the better. And if that sounds boring or bland, you’re not eating the right beans. Enter Rancho Gordo, a Napa-based company whose founder, Steve Sando, is on a mission to spread the gospel of heirloom beans—unique varieties you won't find on the shelves at Target. Forget everything you know about crappy commodity canned beans, Rancho Gordo’s products are in a whole different category. Revered by famed chefs around the country, including Thomas Keller, I guarantee you’ll love them.

A member of the pinto family, Rio Zape beans are an heirloom varietal with a velvety texture and rich, complex flavor with hints of chocolate and coffee. They’re great for refried beans topped with queso fresco, brisket chili, or in baked beans.

• 16 oz