Scenic Waters Wild Rice

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There’s a reason everyone who comes to Minnesota brings home wild rice. This rice is traditionally grown in Northern Minnesota and more importantly, it’s traditionally harvested by hand—meaning, the farmer canoes through the lakes and streams where the crop grows, bends the shoots over and beats the top of plant dropping the wild rice into the bottom of the boat. It’s cleaned and briefly toasted, yielding an intense nutty flavor. It’s much better than commercially raised wild rice, which is typically a one-note Charlie. Use this wild rice in soups or pilafs, or add cup to a pot with canola oil, put the lid on and it’ll actually pop into a super nutty, crispy version of popcorn. I also love it in this unique take on a classic Indian bhel puri made with wild rice.

  • 1/2 LB
  • Blackduck, MN