Island Creek Oysters T-Shirt

$ 10.00

The folks at Island Creek Oysters are huge oyster nerds, and I mean that in the absolute best way possible. If there’s one place you can trust to consistently deliver the greatest oysters, this is it. They’re farm raised on a windswept flat in Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts, then handled with precision and care from farm, right to your table. And guess what? You can even order these babies online. Harvested daily and shipped overnight, these oysters have even graced the tables of the White House and The French Laundry. And while the product is remarkable, founder Skip Bennett and his team are even better humans. The Island Creek Oysters Foundation funds projects that promote aquaculture as a responsible means of solving the issue of global food production. So show off your love with one of my favorite shirts around, “Take me home and shuck me.” If oysters could talk, I’m convinced this is what they would say.

Added perk: you'll be an official member of the ICO Home Shucking Division--the legion of agents strategically placed around the lower 48, opening oysters for the masses.

  • Unisex
  • Grey