Delicacies Black Leather Lobster Bracelet

$ 75.00

Promoting spirituality, purity, peace and renewal, this Delicacies natural leather bracelet with a blue edge and sterling silver olive charm makes a great gift— for yourself, your favorite sister, even your estranged aunt.

The lobster molts. It sheds its exterior and lives through a period of vulnerability while the new shell develops and hardens, providing protection. An ancient, long-lived creature of the sea bottom, the lobster teaches us fluidity, with its connection to deep, primeval elements of the sea and the cyclic nature of life: the moon, the water, the tides. Contemplate your personal past, look inward, be vulnerable. Is there something negative you’re holding onto that you could let go? Invoking the lobster brings strength in weakened times. The lobster is tenacious and present, clinging to what is crucial and sloughing off what no longer applies. And when all else fails? Pop the champagne, tie on your bib and dip its sweet meat in warm lemon butter.

  • American bonded leather
  • Sterling silver ingredient and clasp
  • One size fits most, length adjusts from 6 1/4" to 7 3/4"
  • 8 inches long
  • 5 mm wide