Mystic Knotwork Turk's Head Bracelets

$ 15.00

Dress up your wrist with these Mystic Knotwork Turk's Head Bracelets. Made in America, these bad boys are the same as the ones Andrew wears on Bizarre Foods. The four pack comes in Andrew's favorite colors: classic white, green, navy and orange. Great for adults and kids alike!

  • Cotton cord
  • 3/4" wide
  • Colors: Classic white, navy, green & orange
  • Handmade in Connecticut 
  • Stretches over hand, then shapes to fit

Sizing Suggestions:

Small – fits children and small-framed women with a wrist size of 5 – 6 inches

Medium – fits women and teenagers with a wrist size of 6 – 7 inches

Large – fits men and women with a wrist size of 7 – 8 inches