Pimentón De La Vera Sweet Smoked Paprika

$ 8.00

"El Rey" Pimenton de La Vera is a sweet smoked paprika from the region of La Vera, located in the Gredos Mountains to the west of Madrid. The peppers are dried over slow burning wood for 10 to 15 days, giving them a characteristic smoky aroma and flavor. The dried peppers are ground using traditional stone mills, so the final product is 100% pure milled pepper with absolutely no additives. There is no waste from the process, and no water usage, making this a seriously awesome eco-friendly ingredient. After eating my way through Madrid, I had to bring back some of this amazing paprika for all of my favorite Spanish dishes. Trust me, it’s not even in the same family as the flavorless stuff hiding in the back of your spice cabinet.

The paprika is perfect in this paella with shrimp and peas; use it to add depth of flavor to a decadent beef stroganoff; or sprinkle it on top of my classic oyster pan roast

  • 75 Grams
  • Product of Spain