Pineapple Serrano Jam

$ 8.00

There are a lot of reasons to love the Midwest—we bake better pies, we know how to craft canoes, we can handle cold weather and we’ve perfected the art of canning, pickling and preserving, that’s why I know these are some of the best pepper jams on the market. Handcrafted by Poorboy Candy in Minnesota, these jams are made with high quality ingredients, and absolutely no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. I fell in love with Poorboy Candy a few years ago when I first tasted their amazing caramels—they’re now my go-to holiday gift and stocking stuffer. It’s no surprise to me that their pineapple serrano jam knocks it out of the park. Hot, sweet and tangy, use it as a sandwich spread, as a glaze for pork tenderloin on the grill or add it to your next cheese plate.

  • 8 oz
  • Cane Sugar, Pineapples, Cider Vinegar, Serrano Peppers, Pectin