Sundried Cherry Tomato in Oil

$ 10.00

The family-run iContadini farm is located in Puglia, a fertile region near the tip of Italy’s heel that’s known for its excellent growing climate. Their attention to detail in all of their products is unrivaled, from the traditional methods of growing and harvesting the produce to sealing the jars. These cherry tomatoes are cultivated in April, hand-picked in July, then naturally dried in the strong Salento sun, which preserves the texture, proteins, minerals and flavor of the tomatoes. Fun fact: 800 grams of sun-dried cherry tomatoes requires more than 10 kilograms of fresh tomatoes and 130 working hours. It truly is a labor of love. Seasoned with Mediterranean spices and extra virgin olive oil, the fragrant sun-dried tomatoes are a perfect match for creamy mozzarella and toasted Italian bread, or baked into this balsamic-glazed lamb meatloaf.

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